kissing dogHi there! I write fiction and blog about the
Cleveland Indians at ItsPronouncedLajaway.com. Sometimes I’ll blog here about books, baseball, dogs, bicycles, being a parent, being a human, and other stuff. Check out the blog or learn more about my books and upcoming events. Thanks for

To schedule a book talk, book club discussion, or other appearance (including Skype talks), please contact: info@susanpetrone.com.

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Susan,
    Are you related to the Petrone family that lived on Murray Hill Road in
    Cleveland’s Little Italy back in the 60’s? We, a friend and myself, are
    wondering about a former Holy Rosary School classmate of ours, Marie.
    Do you happen to know of her? Her whereabouts? Would appreciate a reply.
    It’s good reading about you; I will look into your books.
    A Loganberry Bookstore customer,

    1. Just finished reading “Throw like a Woman” and hope you have a follow-up. I can’t wait to read about Brenda’s 2nd season with the Indians.
      I can’t remember writing to an author (I’m 63) but had to, this time ’cause “I live for this” is truly my mantra. I love that you used the Indians as the team to pave the way for women in baseball – just as I love the “Major League” movies to show that the Indians can allow people to laugh “with” them but yet show the respect they have for the game. THANK YOU – THANK YOU!!!! (Hope this is how to post on a blog)

  2. Hi Susan,

    This is Jamie, Polly’s friend for whom you once carried a FUSAC across the high seas.
    I go to Melissa’s book club at .mac’s Bac’s and, as you know, we’re going to read it, and I guess, you are going to come to the meeting. Look forward to reading and seeing you. Best, Jamie

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