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Throw Like A Woman (The Story Plant, 2015)

A Body At Rest (Drinian Press, 2009)

Short Fiction

“Slush” The Cleveland, vol. 2, issue 1
“What Aunt Lizzie Saw” Muse 01.11
“Monster Jones Wants to Creep You Out,” Conclave (2010 issue)
“Things Unseen” Muse 01.08
“This Is How It Happened” Glimmer Train Stories, Fall 2007 (issue 64)
“A Tail” Whiskey Island winter/spring 1998


“The View from the 216: Hardball Meets Halloween at Progressive Field”, 10.31.2026
“The View from the 216: You, Too, Can Root for the Land”, 10.29.2016
“The View from the 216: Who Do You Take to the World Series–Your Husband or Your Daughter?”, 10.25.16
“How to Be Ugly” ZISK (The Baseball Magazine for People Who Hate Baseball Magazines) #27, Summer 2016
“Cleveland Indians Team Essay” Baseball Prospectus 2014 Annual
“No Jockstrap Required” 02.06.2013
“Mr. Jingeling, Class Act,” BELT Magazine, 12.24.2013
“No Overnight Answer on Indians’ Ubaldo” 08.06.2011
“The Cleveland Review: Enthusiasm and Despair Go Hand-in-Hand in Rust Belt Literature” 07.25.11
“A Cleveland Story (for Harvey Pekar)” Cool Cleveland 07.18.2011
“Boston, Milwaukee a Double Duel” 06.19.2011
“Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30…to Start” 05/28/2011
“Andre Ethier’s March of Progress” 05.07.2011
“A Field Guide to Northeast Ohio YA Authors” Cool Cleveland 11.30.2010
“Losing a Church but Gaining a Community: A Followup” Cool Cleveland 11.1.2010
“Thirty Years in the Business” Cool Cleveland 10.30.2010
“All Art Is Problem Solving.” Cool Cleveland 7.6.2010
“What Does It Mean to Lose Your Church?” Cool Cleveland 5.24.2010
“On Being an Also-Ran: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Creative Workforce Fellowships from Someone Who Didn’t Get One” Cool Cleveland 1.20-1.27.10
“That Which Is Old Is Made New” Cool Cleveland, 12.02.09
“The Oral Tradition Lives On–Somewhere” Cool Cleveland 11.25-12.02.09
“Put Down the Beer Stein and Grab a Book!: It’s Octavofest 2009” Cool Cleveland 10.14-10.21.09
“Imagination and Inspiration: Imad Rahman Aims to Inspire NEO” Cool Cleveland 5.27-6.03.09
“The Answer to Your Off-Season Baseball Fix Is Right Here in Cleveland” Cool Cleveland, 1.28-2.04.09
“Cleveland’s Literary Godfather Steps Down: A Conversation with Neal Chander” Cool Cleveland, 6.18-6.24.08
“All We Are Saying Is Give Art a Chance” (Interview with Cuyahoga Arts and Culture’s Cathy Boyle)┬áCool, 6.04-6.11.08
“Jazzed about Jazz: A Conversation with WCPN’s Dan Polletta”Cool, 5.14-5.21.08
“Gray’s Auctioneers: Not Your Father’s Auction House” Cool, 2.27-3.5.08
“Lit Chick: Judy Mansour-Thomas Reinvigorates Cle’s Literary Nonprofit” Cool, 1.23-1.30.08


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